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Raw Cloth

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Raw Cloth

Fabric is called any type of structure obtained by the combination of textile fibers to form a smooth surface and a thin texture of constant thickness. Fabric comes first among the materials that will make up the product in textile. The selected fabric and the auxiliary material to be used in the product must be technologically compatible.

Features of Raw Cloth:

  • Color: Ecru
  • Yarn: 100% Cotton
  • Weaving Frequency: 41-42 strands
  • Width: 220 cm.
  • Ball Length: 50 mt.

Usage areas:
  • Cloth bag and cloth bag, pouch manufacturing
  • Fabric sacks and grain sacks
  • Manufacture of canvas cloth used in painting and oil painting
  • Machine parts cleaning cloth
  • Dark-colored home textile products interior lining
  • Sofa sets lower surface lining