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In our company, in order not to compromise on quality, modern yarn production and supply in accordance with international standards is provided. We test the quality yarns we supply from the most reliable companies and we obtain quality fabric from quality yarn. We test our yarns and fabrics using state-of-the-art test equipment in our laboratory facilities.

Our raw cloth, gabardine, canvas and alpaca fabric collections produced with weaving machines suitable for today's technology are woven on dobby and jacquard looms in all sizes and patterns. Then, with RAM machines, final processes such as hard-soft-tough, delayed ignition, stain and waterproofing are carried out in line with the demands of the customers.

Flawless and high quality fabrics ...
Marka Kumaşçılık with its expert staff makes sure that the fabrics it produces are in compliance with the standards by passing the necessary quality control tests at every stage. Our high quality fabrics produced in accordance with international standards are shipped to our customers all over the world after getting full marks from our quality control team.

Our color chart department, on the one hand, prepares new collection product catalogs for our fairs and showrooms, on the other hand, mass production of the catalogs of the collections purchased by our customers to support the sales.

Fast, economical, timely delivery ...
Our products, which have been approved by all stages, are ready for shipment after being carefully packaged. Our team working in the logistics department takes all the logistical precautions necessary to prevent any damage to the fabrics until they reach the buyer company, as well as providing the organization by conducting the necessary research to reach our customers all over the world in the fastest and most economical way.