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Canvas, which is the most evaluated fabric type with a wide range of usage possibilities, also provides a stylish appearance with its comfortable and comfortable design.

What are Canvas Fabric Properties?
Canvas fabric is used in many different sectors with its many different features and privileges.

  • It has a linen fabric feature.
  • It has a flexible structure.
  • It has a thick structure.
  • It is very durable.
  • Patterned or plain varieties are available.
  • Used in many different industries.
  • It is compatible with printing.
  • It is used for decoration purposes.

Although it is generally preferred for the summer months, it is a type of fabric that provides comfortable use in all seasons.

Canvas fabric is used especially in making trousers, coats and coats. Many of the famous brands have special canvas collections. Most of the competition between sportswear brands is between products such as canvas trousers and coats.